Welcome to the Refine and Restore Podcast with Rachel C. Swanson! In today’s episode, I’m diving headlong into another topic of spiritual growth with my guest and husband, Jeff Swanson. Together, we tackle this idea that every struggle we have, every painful sin issue we experience, it’s all because of ONE THING that we’ve forgotten.
So, in this episode we cover:
  • A bit of recap to last weeks issue of depression
  • what we often fail to realize when we turn to sin or other areas of struggle in our life.
  • the #1 issue that ultimately every other issue stems from.
  • a heartfelt episode to understand love, grace, and restoration.

I hope you don’t mind our deep dive into a topic that we have found revolutionary in our understanding. I hope it revolutionizes yours as well.

Click here to listen to this episode!

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