What if I told you that if you took on three simple but radical perspectives and started to truly BELIEVE in this way and view of thinking, it would become life-changing?


In episode 36 of the Refine and Restore Podcast I want to challenge to common perspectives of culture and discuss why they are damaging you and preventing you from living a fuller, more joy-filled life. Whenever I get in conversations with others about these three mind-shifts and ways I’ve changed my view and thinking about things, everyone is blown away by the power of it. So I wanted to give you these tools I’ve put in my personal growth tool-belt for you to adhere to as well.


In this episode, I chat about:

  • How this mentality shift came to fruition.
  • Why these three perspectives are so important to adopt into your life.
  • How to actually work these shifts into your thinking.
  • What these shifts have done for me in my own life.


This is a quick, power-packed episode where I get straight to the point about three perspectives that I believe will have life-altering effects in your life, as they have done for mine.
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