It’s pretty common for me to stay up late into the night reading a good book.

But it can’t be just any book. It has to be life-changing and connects in a powerful way for me to not be able to put it down.

The following 7 life-changing books you must read this year are books that have done just that in my life: life change.

It’s propelled me to think differently, grow radically, and activate change in my life that’s been highly beneficial and encouraged me on my pursuit of purpose, faith, and spiritual growth.


So here they are: 7 Life-Changing Books You Must Read This Year [Non-Fiction]

1. Experiencing God

I don’t think I can express in words fully what this book has done to my heart and mind in positive, radical ways. My relationship with God has grown exponentially from reading this book (next to the Bible). It’s practical, biblically correlated, and easy to read. And I continue to go back to it over and over again. (Order here!)

2. Called to Create

This is a recent release and became a national bestseller the first week it was out. It’s about how we are called to create with the Ultimate Creator. Some of us have been given entrepreneurial gifts to build Gods Kingdom in no only the Christian culture, but secular culture as well. You don’t have to run off to the Amazon (and I’m not talking the online retail hub of America) to build Gods Kingdom. Many of us are being called, right where we are. For context, I read the book in two days flat. It was that compelling. I could not put it down it was that good. (Order here!)

3. Quarter-Life Calling

I also read this one in a short few days. It discusses the new definition of many in this generation are going through called a Quarter-life crisis. In a nutshell it discusses the question of our purpose and identity. Who are you really? The author (Paul Sohn) does a great job of using biblical truths to understand this concept in a powerful way. As someone who also teaches others on understanding their identity and purpose, this book resonated with me in ways that parallels what I’ve discovered about God and understanding our “calling” as well. (Order here!)

I’m also a monthly columnist for his organization discussing many of these similar concepts of identity, purpose, and spiritual growth. Click here for a recent popular post titled “How Traditional Christian Quiet Time is Killing Millennials.”

4. Becoming Myself

I read this one years ago at a time in my life where the enemy had overwhelmed me with lies about my identity. This was a timely read as the author pointed out truths I desperately needed to hear in a fresh way. She hit on many struggles women face that I too was facing, and it propelled me to dig deeper and discover my true self in Christ. (Order here!)

5. If You Want To Walk On Water, You’ve Got To Get Out Of The Boat

Inspirational doesn’t even begin to describe this book. The author uses a variety of relevant stories to his own life of his own water-walking experiences with God. Using the parallel of the story of Peter walking on water with Jesus, this book helped me believe in the power of Gods ability to do things in me and through me I never even thought possible. (Order here!)

6. Uninvited

I believe this is Lysa’s best book yet. Her personal issue with feeling left out is a universal struggle that women everywhere feel and face. She is raw, real and vulnerable in a way where she’s able to put in words thoughts and feelings I hadn’t quite been able to articulate. It’s a secret struggle many of us face that she brings out into the open to discuss. But not without hope. Weaving biblical parallels and truths we can hold onto, she brings beautiful testimonies of Gods faithfulness and love, bringing healing for us all. (Order here!)

7. Breaking Free

This is technically a Bible study book, but it’s a book nonetheless. It’s one of the first books I ever read as a new believer and healed many of the broken parts of me I hadn’t realized were still present. Probably one of Beth’s most popular studies, it’s no surprise as to why its so powerful once you start reading it. If you struggle under the weight of sin, past mistakes, or feeling too broken to be used by God, let Beth help you overcome and break free from the weight you’re carrying. (Order here!)


*Bonus: Bible

You might be thinking “duh!” when it comes to picking this book, but honestly it continues to rock my world (in a good way)! Seriously, read it. Study it. Live it. And check out this gorgeous Illustrated Bible where you can also take notes on as you go! (Order here!)


I hope these 7 life-changing books you must read this year cultivates growth in your heart and mind in powerful ways.


{Some affiliate links included. I only share and recommend what I actually love. I get a small percentage back if you purchase the book through the links. It helps to cover the costs of hosting a website and creating valuable content on my blog. Thanks!}


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