I’ve always wanted them. For me this has never been an issue.

But I know for some, that’s not the case when they find out they are pregnant with theirs.

I have friends close to me have aborted babies and they were wrecked with their decision.

I also have friends and people I know that believe it was the very best decision for them. My heart feels sad for them, but I don’t shame them, yell at them, or unfriend them. My heart simply hurts for them that they don’t see it the way I see it.


All I know is life for me is made as soon as two cells come together and start growing, multiplying into the forms they are going to become. Dead to me means not growing, not developing. No heartbeats. I still remember seeing my twin boys tiny heart beats in the ultrasound when they were only 5 1/2 weeks as embryos. You can’t tell me there was no life there.

So many mama’s wish and cry for babies of their own. And yet millions are being aborted each year when they could very well be adopted into families or at least given a chance of life. And now, apparently it’s been approved in the state of New Your that you can abort up until full term. Jesus be near…

But here’s the thing I’m not going to do and neither will you: guilt those mama’s or shame them for their actions because honestly, most of them simply don’t understand.

  • They don’t see another way out from their poor decision to be promiscuous.
  • They don’t see another way out from the forced pregnancy, even though the one who forced a life into her should be the one whose life is taken (not the innocent one in the womb).
  • They don’t want to experience the shame of having a baby out of wedlock.
  • They don’t understand that a life has been created, cells are alive, no matter how you tell them.
  • They don’t see that they can give their child up for adoption which would go to a family who would love on them and care for them as their own.
  • They feel broken, helpless, and in some cases, this decision feels forced upon them by doctors and specialists. To them, it feels like the better option…

So what do we do? Let me tell you: you will keep loving on them, telling them about Jesus and extend forgiveness to them like He would, while trying to educate them (if they are open to discussion) on why you feel different from them. Jesus still loves them, and they need Jesus more than ever. So prove it by your kind words, your love toward them regardless of this choice, and extend grace because Lord knows we all need more of this.

Retaliation never brings restoration.

So I sit, and mourn for these little lives lost too soon. These lives that are given no choice.

God have mercy. I know not what to do with the recent news of today. I simply cry and pray that somehow, in some way, we can save more babies. That we can befriend more women who feel like they have no other option to choose in hope that maybe, just maybe they will realize there’s another way.

One more thought, if you feel strongly against this, I pray that you consider signing this petition against the state of New York for this new law. Your voice matters. Lives matter. Give a voice to those that don’t have a voice yet, while at the same time, love those that feel different that you.

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