What is up my R&R friends! Welcome to my interview BLITZ week because I’ve had SOOOO many people request to do interviews, but didn’t have enough room in my schedule to include them all. SOOOO we are having a fun week where I’m going to be releasing an episode per day over the next 5 days for you to listen to.

I had a conversation with my friend, Alli Worthington. She’s a wife and mom of 5 boys living outside of Nashville, TN. She’s the author of Breaking Busy, The Year of Living Happy, and Fierce Faith. She’s also a business coach and started the conference Blissdom, geared for those interested in starting a business and gaining the right tools to succeed. I’m excited to be sharing a discount code with you at the end of this episode for this conference so stay tuned to the end so you can get some major savings if you’re wanting to attend!


In this episode we chat about:

  • How Alli became successful in multiple businesses without having a masters degree or any business schooling background (and how you can, too!)
  • What God has been teaching her about fear.
  • The #1 lie she is constantly bringing back to Jesus to restore the truth.
  • Why she’s become passionate about helping women get the right tools and information to pursue their own creative business dreams.


Want to go to the Blissdom conference but get a $50 discount?! Click here to sign-up and get $50 off your ticket! And let me know if you’re going too! See you there!


Listen to the podcast episode here!

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