*One-on-one coaching intensives are also available for both programs. Join the wait list for the next open enrollment launch (May, 2019)!

(for beginners) This is for the girl who has no idea where to start but has a book on her heart to write. All the information out there on how to become an author feels overwhelming and daunting. Most give up before they even start because they lack someone who can help them navigate this complicated process. REFINE Aspiring Authors program gives you what I know is essential to achieve your goals and dreams of getting that book (or multiple books) published. I cut the fluff and help you navigate how to get started as a serious writer while growing your writing platform in a way that honors God and is authentic to you. (Limited spots available.)

(for intermediate writers) This is for the girl who has a modest blog following (podcast, organization/business, social media platform) or has been blogging regularly for at least one year. She’s heard about SEO, lead magnets, email marketing, and has maybe tried implementing some of these things but is struggling to make it work. As a faith-filled believer, she wants to pursue the things God has for her in this but vacillates back and forth between doubt and confidence pursuing this calling. She may be working on a book proposal, or wants to start one, but needs help making it stand out in the crowded market. RESTORE Aspiring Authors program gives you the benefit of personalized coaching but at a fraction of the cost. With one-to-one edits on your book proposal, I go above and beyond to ensure your project is a winner. As a bestselling and multiple award-winning author plus accredited Christian life coach, I have the skills and experience to help you achieve your dreams of becoming a successful author. (Limited spots available.)

Both Programs Include

Six-Month Program


Bi-Monthly 90 Minute Group Coaching Calls

These coaching calls are live with Rachel (total of twelve)

Private Facebook Group


Spiritual Guidance and Encouragement

Become mentally and spiritually strong as you prepare for the work that needs to be done

Monthly Guest Interview Lesson

(total of six)

Monthly Trainings

Self-Pace + Bonus Video Content for further advancement

Elements Unique to Each Program

Refine Aspiring Authors

  • Discover and hone in on your unique writing voice/style + the person God created you to be.
  • Topics that will be discussed: blogging/website basics, building your audience (social media), mental/spiritual growth tools, basics of book marketing, self-publishing vs. traditional publishing, editing/writing techniques to improve clarity, book proposal outline, and more! (This program does not provide content/clarity edits for book proposal, however it can be added at any time for a small fee.)

Restore Aspiring Authors

  • Step-by-step guide to creating an award-winning book proposal and content/clarity edit including two sample chapters (first round edits).
  • Grammatical/Punctuation edit on book proposal (second round edit, not including sample chapters; must be submitted before the program is completed).
  • Topics that will be discussed: multiple income streams as an author, social media automation/growth strategies, advanced book launch strategies and training, step-by-step process to self-publishing, behind-the-scenes look at traditional publishing, creating an online course, speaker basics, and more!

*One-on-one coaching intensives are also available for both programs. Set up your free discovery call today to find out more!


How long are your group programs and when do they start?

It’s 6 months of coaching and there are three available start dates each year: February, June, and October.

How many people are in the program?

I limit the amount of people in each program to provide enough time for questions during live coaching calls and to ensure each person is getting the attention they need during the program. Groups are typically around 10-15 women per group, however there is a max capacity of no more than 25 per group to ensure everyone gets enough time for questions and discussion.

I’m not exactly what you would call a Christian… can I still join your program?

Yes, however I must clearly express that I implement my faith in God and belief in Jesus into these programs. I weave biblical/spiritual coaching into these programs (such as how to discern God’s voice, prayer/praise requests, faith-building tools, etc.) as much as I teach the practical and technical essentials for aspiring authors.

What’s the cost for these programs?

First, I don’t do this for free (I still get asked this). However, I’ve made these group coaching programs extremely affordable while still providing as much personal connection as possible. I have a monthly rate as well as paid-in-full rate (which is discounted) making this financially attainable for everyone.

The monthly rate for the beginners group Aspiring Author program is $150/month (or PIF for 1 month free).

The monthly rate for the intermediate group Aspiring Author program is $350/month (or PIF for 1 month free).

When are the live coaching sessions in the group?

We arrange a date and time that works best for everyone in the group once the group is filled or upon the start date.

Can I do one-on-one coaching instead?

Yes, I do provide what I call one-on-one coaching intensives. We typically move through the material much faster (3 months) and I provide 1-hour live video coaching + video trainings as well. Click here and let’s set up a time to chat!

I just need help with my book proposal. I see you won 1 st place at a writer’s conference for your well-crafted book proposal. Do you provide services just for this?

Yes! Set up a call with me and let’s chat!

Do you provide a self-paced course instead of coaching?

Let me answer your question this way: you are 95% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams when you have a personalized coach walking you through the process. Therefore, I do not provide JUST an online course because I believe you will be less likely to finish or successfully implement it. However, I do provide some self-paced training course materials and videos within my coaching program IN ADDITION to the live coaching sessions. This is so you have a much higher chance of success (95%) by joining one of my coaching programs rather than paying for a membership site or online course for writers because through my program you get more personalized attention and a streamlined success path that actually works.

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