Have an upcoming birthday to celebrate? Christmas presents to pick out? Some sort of holiday needing a special but practical gift under $25?

Let me give you my go-to items from a fabulous high-quality company called H2O at Home with affordable prices under $25:

**This post contains links where I earn a commission only upon purchase of the products**

1. Set of 3 Sponges – $15

Machine washable. Oh yes you read that right! With a unique patented microfiber design these sponges are no ordinary sponges. The Double-Sided Microfiber Sponge has two sides for your everyday wipe down needs. Need some extra power? Use the Scrubette with a scouring side that won’t scratch but can handle tougher jobs on pots and pans. Tackling your oven? Grab the Scouring Sponge with stainless steel fibers woven inside to remove caked-on grime (not to be confused and used on stainless surface because it can scratch). Purchase Set of 3 Sponges

2. Ladybug – $16

Tired of dog hair or lint on your clothes and sofa? Grab this reusable (and adorable) lint remover with electrostatic bristles which attracts every fuzz in a few quick passes! Stop spending more on disposable lint rollers that don’t work as well anyway. Buy LadyBug

3. Eyeglass Chiffonnettes (2 pack) – $13

We all need this pack of two Chiffonnettes for our eyeglasses to see clearly. Suitable for glasses and lenses, with or without an anti-reflective coating. No fuzzies left behind! Easy to pack in your purse or wallet when you are on the go. Purchase Eyeglass Chiffonnettes

4. Heavy Duty Chiffonnette (2 pack) – $17

The dirtier the better for nothing can beat this special cloth! Created to scrub and fight the toughest of stains and roughest of surfaces. Made with a patented microfiber design it cleans 99.999% bacteria off surfaces using nothing but water (tested and approved!). **Make sure you grab the organic Netepur soap to clean the cloth after use!** Purchase Heavy Duty Chiffonnettes

5. Precision Glass Chiffonnette – $22

Never use Windex again! No streaks. No sprays. Just damp this light-weight cloth with water and wipe clean for a no-smudge finish. **Make sure you grab the organic Netepur soap to clean the cloth after use!** Buy Precision Glass Chiffonnette

6. Liquid Dish Soap (large) – $19.50

With only 1 pump of this dish soap, you can fill an entire sink of water and get every dish clean! Ultra-concentrated, plant-based cleaning agents which decreases with ease (without being harsh on your hands). **Make sure you grab the Twist Pump to go with it so you can control the perfect measured dose without overdose!** Purchase Liquid Dish Soap

7. Luxury Kitchen Towels – $22

Retains up to two cups of water and KEEPS DRYING! Not only is it soft on the hands and super absorbent, its stylish design instantly catches the eye making your kitchen look luxurious. Purchase Luxury Kitchen Towel

8. Limescale Remover Tablets – $16

Rings in the toilet? I got you boo! Drop a tablet in overnight and let it bubble until morning before scrubbing it clean in seconds! Safe for septic and low-flow toilets. Buy Limescale Remover Tablets

9. Breathe Synergy (essential oil) – $23

‘Tis the season for colds, runny noses, and sniffles or allergies that threaten to spoil a good party. Just inhale a drop of this oil and instantly feel the effects of it’s soothing presence. **Make sure you grab the Diffuser or Ceramic Disc to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of this oil!** Buy Breathe Synergy

10. Roll-On Netepur – $16

Stains no more! This natural stain-remover roll stick is perfect for organic stains such as: coffee, wine, oil, blood, grass stains, and more! Buy Roll-On Netepur

11. Hair & Body Bar (2 pack) – $18

Finally a two-in-one soap bar the entire family can use! Safe for kids. Thoroughly cleans hair and body for an easy application process. Subtly scented with sweet orange essence, practical and affordable, it’s also enriched with broccoli oil. It’s not edible but it does make your hair shiny and your skin satin soft. Purchase Hair and Body Bars

12. Hair Turban – $19

Have long hair or hair that takes forever to dry? Put your head down, place your hair into the Turban (with the button in the back), twist, and button. Soaking wet hair is a thing of the past. Grab the Hair Turban

13. Headband – $11

Keeps hair in place. A soft microfiber headband that has the chivalry to hold back your hair during makeup or skincare application. Buy Headband

14. Whitening Toothpaste – $10

This natural toothpaste effectively fights tartar and plaque. Its mineral formula preserves the natural whiteness of teeth and helps to maintain healthy gums. Purchase 100% Natural Whitening Toothpaste

15. Exfoliating & Cleansing Cloth – $13

This is my absolute FAVORITE cloth for removing make-up! Wipes away impurities and excess oil, as well as waterproof makeup with just water! Machine wash or add the Netepur soap to clean between use and hang dry! Best for combination, oily or acne-prone skin. Purchase Exfoliating & Cleansing Cloth

So there you have it!

Remember, H2O at Home products are natural, organic, and safe to use. The company prides itself on reducing carbon emissions and giving back a percentage of all purchases to Coer De Foret and Coral Guardian to protect our earth.

Tell me, what items are on your wish list???


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