Welcome back to my series 31 Days to Overcoming Anxiety! Today is DAY 2!

If you are joining in for the first time, I encourage you to check this page to catch up on what you may have missed so you can get the most out of this series! Or, feel free to jump right in with today’s current tip and simply keep going!

So without sounding all voo-dooish, BREATHING, or rather, deep breathing, has more to do with reducing anxiety in your life than you may think!

Implementing deep breathing techniques really does work to reducing acute stress and anxiety symptoms. But before I even go there, I want to talk to you first about the physiology of breathing, because really, there’s a whole lot more going on in your body when it comes to deep breathing than what’s seen at surface level. Yes… there’s a bit of science involved so put your lab jackets on!

When we become anxious, our breathing is more rapid. We intake less oxygen which in turn brings less oxygenated blood flow to our brain and organs. Oxygen is key to maintaining clearer mind functioning, increased energy, and overall well-being. We NEED oxygen, and the more we have, the clearer we think, the more energy we have, and the less stressed therefore we become.

Not only does deep breathing produce positive physical changes to our body and mind functioning, but did you know every time you take a breath, its like you are giving worship to God? Spiritually speaking, Yah-weh, or rather “YHWH” is the Hebrew symbol of the name “God.” It is said that this name of God was so sacred and so powerful, it was like an inaudible breath, or rather it mimicked the sound of breathing.

So the inhale—“Yah”—and the exhale—“weh”—were in essence said to be giving God praise, just even in breath. Breathing could be looked at as another form of worship, thanking God for the breath we take, and acknowledging His control over even the breath we take each day. Doesn’t that make you feel calm just knowing God is guiding each and every breath you take each day, without even thinking about it most days? And in return, your breathing is giving God praise!


So breath in deeply. Inhale slowly. Know that God is looking out for you. He cares for you. He see’s you.

Now exhale. Slowly. Let the stress and anxieties you are holding onto release.

Let go of its control and know that God will give you a clear mind, the energy to withstand, and all the things you need in order to take the next step forward.

And the next.

And the next.

And the next.

Every. Single. Day.

For the rest of your days.





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