Welcome to the Aspiring Authors ALUMNI membership program! In this monthly membership, you have access to ALL the previous videos from your coaching program with me, receive access to NEW lessons as they become available regularly, get access to me (Rachel) through a live 1-2 hr Q&A coaching session in the private alumni FB group, and collab together with other aspiring authors! I can’t wait to see you in the group!


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About your instructor!

,Hey Aspiring Author ALUMNI!

As you already know, I’m Rachel C. Swanson, a best-selling + award-winning author, national speaker, podcaster, and accredited coach. My passion is to help YOU reach your book publishing dreams! I’m also a mom to “Wannabe Triplets” and married to my biggest fan, Jeff. We recently relocated from the bustling sprawl of Southern California to the rural hills of Southern Idaho to live out our dreams.

Speaking of dreams, it wasn’t long ago that I was in your shoes, wondering if this writing dream would ever happen and trying to figure out how to do it. That’s why I started coaching–to help take out the fluff and distractions, and give you the fundamentals to help you reach your writing goals. So thanks for continuing your learning with me! I’m grateful to keep serving you! 

Your Coach,


Where and how do I ask Rachel questions?

Rachel will be taking questions monthly at the LIVE coaching times she makes available to you. Each month, she will announce ahead of time when she will go LIVE. During this LIVE Facebook group session, feel free to ask her questions in the comments under her video. If you can’t make it? No sweat! There will be a post a few days before she goes LIVE where you can submit your questions for her to answer for you when she goes LIVE, and you can watch the recorded video afterwards. Piece of cake!

how often will you be posting new videos?

Rachel typically uploads videos quarterly or sooner, it just depends on what type of questions or content needs to be covered. But you should receive a steady stream of fresh videos every quarter, without increased costs to your membership!

can we get additional one-on-one coaching from rachel or hire her for book proposal help?

Absolutely! Let her know you’re an ALUMNI member and she will give you a discount on this cost, too!

can i post questions for other aspiring author alumni members to respond in the group?

Absolutely! Think of this as a mastermind group with other aspiring authors where we get to share our knowledge and resources with one another!

when will rachel go live for her monthly coaching sessions?

Rachel will announce in the Facebook group each month when she will be going LIVE in the group. 

what if i need to cancel my membership?

Bummer! That would make us sad! But no worries, you can email at with “Cancel Membership” in the subject line and we will get back to you within 48 hours to confirm this is completed! (If you cancel the day after your membership renews for the month, there are no refunds for the previous month but you will retain access to the membership for the remaining month you paid for. Thanks!)

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