(Day 27): Create a Cushion in Your Schedule for the Unexpected.

{I’m currently refreshing this popular series on Facebook, therefore these stories are not recent, but still very relevant and applicable.}

The only reason I know this suggestion actually works is because I lived through the craziness of the unexpected recently.

About 5 weeks ago I went on my 10-year anniversary trip with my husband to Mazatlan, Mexico (been sharing a few pic’s here and there from it over on Instagram!) While there I was able to prepare for my upcoming speaking engagements (uninterrupted… I know I know, you’re jealous ;-)), wrote about half of the posts you’ve been reading on my blog this month about Overcoming Anxiety, and I had a good chunk of my upcoming book semi-completed in hopes to have a more rest-filled October because I knew this season was going to be a busy one.

I did this because I knew it was going to be a tough month if I left these things undone until the last moment.

Thank GOODNESS I did these things, because as soon as we got back, we were hit HARD with back-to-back sickness from green boogers to bronchitis to never-ending coughing fits-led-to-throw-up sessions which just tanked my energy and capabilities to keep up. For multiple weeks we were battling these sickies with MULTIPLE sleepless nights + trying to get healthy ourselves (difficult when you aren’t allowed to sleep).

Although its been extremely tough to keep up with blogging, writing deadlines, scheduled speaking events, home-life (laundry anyone?), social-life (non-existent practically)… if I hadn’t done any of the previous prep it would have required me to drastically alter my plan–something I absolutely did not want to do.

Thankfully I was able to stay on course when the unexpected came because I gave myself the cushion I needed to keep from being COMPLETELY overwhelmed (let’s be honest, I was still a bit overwhelmed regardless. But it could have been worse!)

Looking back, I actually should have provided myself even MORE cushion for the unexpected (like sickness). Now I’m brainstorming ways to catch up by asking for help (via babysitters + friends) and working some extra hours to give myself the cushion over the upcoming weeks to fit in a bit of rest.

Because when there’s NO cushion and unexpected things pop up (because they WILL, so why are we even saying they’re unexpected then?) you will crash and burn and become overwhelmed with stress and anxiety due to the demands placed on you.

So find ways to create that cushion in your schedule to relieve you from the burdens of the unexpected. Get a babysitter, ask friends to pitch in for a few hours and help with your kids, set aside a few nights to work late knowing it will provide the cushion you need to stay balanced later. Or take off certain items on your plate that are taking up precious time + energy for things that need to be prioritized… at least for the current season.



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