(Day 21) Create a Prayer Room to De-Stress

Where is your safe haven? Do you have one?

Do you have a designated spot where you can go to in order to feel that peace and calm?

My spot happens to be in a place that sounds quite unappealing at first… ready for it? My upstairs private toilet room.

Before you crinkle your nose and wonder what’s gotten into me, my toilet room has had some slight modifications to it. It has become my Prayer Room Bathroom.

One wall is completely covered in chalkboard paint, which has become my prayer wall. (Although I’m debating on covering the entire room into chalkboard paint as I need more space to expand my prayers!) Multicolored chalk is kept above the toilet bowl on top of my medicine cabinet to use when those stress-filled moments need to be scribbled out of my head and onto the heart of God. It’s a fairly private place where few people will see it, except my husband (in fact, he uses it too!) which is completely okay with me as we grow together through viewing each others prayers and encouraging one another in our written requests to God.

When life gets overwhelming? You will probably find me sitting with my bedroom pillows and a fluffy cream colored blanket with a bible and colored chalk in my hands. It is where I feel God’s presence now and where I can expend my stress, my cares, my worries… onto Him. And guess what? He takes them from me and replaces it with something better. Always.

I know I’m copying the movie “War Room” with the idea for a prayer room, but why not? It has become my place of refuge with such convenience I have no excuse not to utilize it. Therefore my prayer life has expounded as well as my love and relationship with God tenfold.

My question to you is… do you have have a prayer room to call your own? It doesn’t have to look like mine, or even like Pinterest. But it should be created.

Let it be the place you feel like you can run to for peace when your world collides with collisions. Let it be that safe haven your heart is longing to have. Let it be a connection piece to growing in communication with God as you cast your cares on Him, and entrust Him to the very end.





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