(Day 6) Why Do I Worry?


As previously discussed in my 1st posthow the things we worry about are really deeper fear issues–we now need to discover what is it in those stress and anxiety-induced moments that make us sweat.

So… what is our deeper fear? OR fears (plural!)

It could be one, or multiple one’s all at once!

Let’s take an example. I’ll share my own current example.

I’m feeling a little overworked right now. Okay, a LOT overworked. I have three tiny tots (more like hell-on-wheels kids) who require CONSTANT attention and nurturing on a regular basis. I’ve been battling bronchitis for over 2 weeks now and it’s STILL lingering. I’ve been quite busy prepping and presenting for four speaking events in the past two weeks, with many more to come. I have book deadlines (yay and EEK!) lingering over my head I need and desire to get done. I have a blog post (or two?) I promised to get done for another website. AND I’m currently doing this 31 day challenge (#write31days) because it is a JOY to do so. Ahem.

In all honesty, all of these things listed above REALLY ARE such a joy to be pursuing! But in the amount of time and hours I’ve been given (which I know, I know… it’s the same for everyone), and the expectations I place on myself to do everything well (#perfectionist), well… it begins to feel like I’ve made plans to fly to the next galaxy.

Can you relate?

Looking deeper at this example, when I assess myself more clearly, here’s why I have this tension on my soul:


I’m fearful of failing and not performing well in all the above listed activities.

I’m fearful of not having enough strength or time to get all those things completed.

I’m fearful of possible rejection from others from these said activities and projects I’ve been pursuing.

I’m fearful I’m not being a good friend to others at this time, because of how little time I have to do other things.

I’m fearful, therefore I’m robbed of joy because of these fears.


At least this COULD be me, in this moment… if I don’t continue to hold onto the deeper truths. And these deeper truths are what FREE’s from the snares of anxiety!


But really, to understand these deeper set truths, I need you to, at bare minimum, journey with me over the next 5 more days as I unpack 5 of our deepest fears through the biblical stories and principles (but hopefully you will stay with me on the full 31 day journey of Overcoming Anxiety!)

Watch the following video as I explain further in less than 3 minutes!


{Just joining me for the first time in this 31 day series to Overcoming Anxiety?

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