The road became blurry as I fought back tears. Music flooded my ears with words of “surrender” and “trust in Him.”

Shutting off the music, I belt out, “LORD, is this my desire or your desire for me? I’m afraid I’m taking too much time away from the kids to pursue this passion and calling to write and speak. I will gladly surrender this to you God. I don’t want to lose my family and my husband in the process! It’s not worth it. What do I do?”

In the stillness I heard…

Do you trust me?

Pause. “Yes Lord, I do.”

Do you trust me?

Swallowing hard, I sat back, blinking past the wave of tears. Processing. Until I knew with assurance…

“Yes Lord, I really do.”

Then you have nothing to worry about.

“But…how do I know You’re really in this?”

Delight yourself in the Lord, I will give you the desires of your heart.

I pondered this as I drove onward to pick up my kids from school.

Then, I realized something: the more I seek God out of love for Him, the more He will birth the desires and passions within my heart to pursue.

It was no doubt that the passions He’s birthed in me over the years give me joy, which affects my relationships with others in a positive way. My soul comes alive. My heart is revived.

Peace washed over me and my tears dried.

I picked up my kids and knew I had nothing to worry about as I continued to walk-out this path to write, speak, and coach women—even in the midst of motherhood. I know this is my unique purpose and is part of the calling God has invited me into right now, alongside my calling as wife and mother.

Because God is in it, I have no need to worry. Do you need this reminder too, friend?

There’s a lot of guilt and shame directed at mom’s, especially Christian mom’s, in this culture about their roles to be both a mom and pursue their creative passions or dreams. Personally, I don’t believe that all women are called to stay-at-home-mom with their kids…but some are! Just like I don’t believe all women are meant to be working mom’s…but some are!

We are each uniquely made, with unique gifts, talents, roles and characteristics God has designed for us to use for His glory.

Some of us have been gifted to enjoy investing solely into the stay-at-home-mom role. Others of us are gifted and designed to enjoy a mixed role of work outside the home and #momlife. Neither is better than the other. And maybe for a season it’s one, while in the next season it’s the other.

So…how can we be sure what season we are in? How do we know what to choose?


God is the only one who knows what’s best for us.


He knows our character, our desires, our experiences, our situations in life. And the more you seek God out of love for Him, asking Him questions about what you are to do, the more He will give you peace and confidence in the role you’re supposed to play as a wife and/or mom and/or mompreneur. He will give you the wisdom, peace, and contentment you need to confidently walk out your unique purpose—to glorify Him in everything you do.

I’m thriving in my current role as a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) because I believe God has uniquely designed me for this. I’m confident of my calling. My relationship with my husband and children is strong and will withstand the demands my other working roles bring me, as long as I’m being sensitive to the Spirit within me guiding me in this. Although things could change in the future, I know this is where He has me right now and it works best for me and my family.

So, lean into discerning what God has purposed for you at this time. I say, “at this time” because seasons can change. Life circumstances can change, and therefore the way we fulfill our unique purpose through Christ can also change.

But, God knows what’s best for you. The most important question is: do you trust Him? And if so, will you then respond to His voice and walk-on-water with Him as you take that next step?


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