I’m alllllll about finding high-quality products for a good deal.

So when I discovered a company called H2O at Home that provides high-quality cleaning, personal care, and aromatherapy (oils) products that literally blew my mind, I knew I needed to maximize getting them at the best price I could.

Enter the world of hosting virtual workshops for added discounts.

Here’s a recent product haul [watch the video]:

So, how does this work exactly?

You can become a host and earn the following hosting benefits and rewards:

Even better? Become an Independent Advisor where you can earn 25%-40% commissions + bonuses. I joined the company and practically get all of my products for free.

Email me and let me help you start getting a great deal on high-quality, non-toxic products with H2O at Home while building a fun and popular side-business! Rachel @ RachelCSwanson.com


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