I have to start and say that my guest, Erin Weidemann is the real deal you guys. She is authentic and has her head on straight when it comes to a mindset of Kingdom impact rather than self-led rewards.
Erin is the founder and CEO of Bible Belles and award-winning author of The Adventures of Rooney Cruz series, She’s committed to changing the world’s current definition of beauty. As a certified teacher, coach, and nationally recognized speaker, she founded Truth Becomes Her, a community that equips women of all ages to let go of fear and step into the unique leadership roles for which they were designed. A five-time cancer survivor, Erin lives in San Diego, CA with her husband Brent and their daughter, Rooney.

In this episode we cover:

  • behind-the-scenes difficulties Erin had with starting her own business
  • why she decided to self-publish instead of pursue traditional publishing with her books
  • why she decided to quit her beloved teaching job (that she had no interest in quitting) to pursue entrepreneurship which is more challenging, unsteady, and has no guarantee of a successful outcome (ie. her divine providence experience)
  • why success isn’t the most important thing, and what is most important instead
  • what our ultimate “calling” truly is
  • how this journey taught her to have more courage than she felt at the moment of decision


Also, if you have any interest in becoming an author and publishing a book, I’d love nothing more than to help you out with this process. Check out my aspiring author programs here and I look forward to coaching you through this process!

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