FAQ to Coaching

1. What if I can’t show up to one of the live coaching sessions?
You can email me a question to answer in advance and I will answer it in the recorded conference call session so you can go back to it later.

2. When will the live coaching sessions be?
We will coordinate a time that works best for everyone in the group once you join. For example, if everyone is available Sundays at 4 pm PST (including me) then we will meet at this time weekly for 8 weeks. This will be coordinated via email. If you didn’t receive it, please contact me at contact@rachelcswanson.com

3. Can I have a private consult with you?
If you were one of the first 5 women to sign-up, yes (and I will email you). Otherwise, I will not be offering additional consults at this time. Sorry!

4. How long do I have access to the online course?
You have lifetime unlimited access for as long as it’s still available.

5. I’m nervous I won’t be able to keep up with this program and the weekly assignments!
Don’t stress. This is why I made the online course accessible for life so you can always go back to it if you fall behind. At the very least, show up to the coaching sessions (as those are limited!) so you can get the personalized training to keep moving forward!

Any other questions? Email me at contact@rachelcswanson.com

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