“Hey did you see that movie? It was SO awesome! I’ve never cried and laughed so hard in my entire life! You’ve got to go see it!”

You say this to your friend, thinking nothing of it. But in reality? You just sold her on that movie.

We do this all the time…sales. But do you get paid for it?

“Selling” is really when you are really helping someone get what they want or need.

In this scenario, you just helped someone by giving them a suggestion for a really good movie that will provide them the entertainment they desire next time they are looking for that.

Unfortunately, you don’t get paid for this.

But…what if you were PAID to share about what you love?

In May 2020 I began an unexpected journey simply because I fell in love with a company and their products…and it’s become one of the most rewarding adventures ever!

But unfortunately, a lot of people can be skeptical about this sort of thing. Shoot, even my husband was initially!

Let me pull the curtains back and share a candid interview I had with my husband asking him questions (where he responded with brutal honesty) about his initial thoughts when I began “selling” products and what he thinks about direct sales…

Interested in learning more about how to get paid sharing something you love with others? Shoot me an email at rachel @ rachelcswanson.com and let’s chat!


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