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Refine and Restore Your Home.

“Every single H2O product I have tried I love! The clay is probably one of my favorites. It’s removed permanent marker, stubborn sink stains, it has even buffed out scratches on our car! Thank you Rachel!”

– Stefanie Bowles

Mom of three messy boys


It started with my kid’s hands. When we moved to Idaho they became SO dry, chapped, cracked, and bleeding from the dry weather here…something we weren’t used to in California.

Every soap we tried failed…until my sister suggested H2O at Home’s Marseille foaming soap.

Sure enough, within a week the cracked bleeding skin was smoother, and within two weeks their skin was healed.

I became curious about their other products and decided to try their home cleaning line…and was BLOWN AWAY!

I continued to try more products and dug deeper into the ingredients, efficacy, and mission of the company. H2O at Home hit every mark giving me the confidence to back them with pride.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep this hidden gem of a company and its products to myself. So? I decided to start helping spread the word by sharing about this incredible company and its products…and the rest is history.




This is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of what this company provides with its products.

  • From the way they’re packaged
  • to the quality control they provide
  • to keeping a simplified approach (think less = more)

I loved them instantly.

As I’ve shared about them with others, every single person who has tried H2O at Home has loved them too. Every. Single. One.

Quite frankly, H2O at Home products just WORK. And they are the best on the market with the lowest cost overall. (Don’t believe me? Read this article and see for yourself.)


H2O at Home’s products are 100% natural and most are made with organic ingredients.

They have three certifications by three of the highest quality control companies in Europe (EcoCert, Cosmebio, Qualite France). This assures that they are being regulated to the highest standards and gives customers confidence that the ingredients and processing used is of the highest quality possible.


I’d rather order products once every year rather than every month.

H2O at Home provides a higher concentration of their products which gives them longer-lasting use. Their patented microfiber cloths (not all microfiber cloths are created equal) are of the finest quality lasting 5 years or more removing 99.99% bacteria from surfaces using nothing but water.

Comparing these products to other companies, nothing compares to its affordability for natural, high-quality products.



I didn’t think a direct sales opportunity was for me. In fact, I was annoyed at first that this company I loved so much was a direct sales company because I had a lot of assumptions (proven false now) about what this meant.

Now? I’m proud to represent this company and am so glad I joined the movement to provide simpler, more efficient, and natural products in people’s homes.

Did I mention the products are kid-safe? My kids LOVE to clean with me now because H2O at Home has made it so easy.

I didn’t know what to expect at first when I joined this business and started sharing these products with others. But only 5 months later I became a Leader, began earning 40% commission plus additional bonuses and commissions by having a small but mighty team of committed people wanting the same thing. I’ve joined the upper ranks of the company just by sharing about products I genuinely love with a company I fully believe in.

Have I piqued your interest? Want to learn how you can become Leader and beyond in this company too?

It’s completely doable. And the timing is perfect because this company is starting to explode yet is still small and primed for some major growth in the next year!

Email me at rachel (at) rachelcswanson (dot) com.

I’m ready to coach you toward your dreams.


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