I was given the opportunity to share my story today for my friend and Founder of Your Vibrant Family. 

I do not share this story lightly, yet I share it in order to bring hope to YOU who might be struggling with temptation to act out and have an affair.  I have learned valuable information over the years regarding the struggle to avoid infidelity, bypass lustful addictions, and how to gain healthy sexual and spiritual intimacy in marriage. 

Please read the entire story to gain helpful tools and insights regarding this issue.  (This is part 1 of a 2 part series).


How I Almost Had An Affair

Having an affair: we hope it never happens to our marriage.

We pray that we and our spouse would never face the temptation of infidelity.having an affair

And yet, adultery can happen in the best of marriages (even Christian marriages) if we’re not careful.

I’m sharing my story here because I want you to know that these lustful temptations are real (yes, even for women) and I want to share with you the warning signs so that you can make wise choices to protect your marriage from adultery.


How The Seeds of Temptation Began for Me

Nearly 8 years ago, my husband and I were just entering our second year of marriage.

Newlywed bliss still right? Ha, hardly…{READ MORE}


Read the rest by JOINING me at YOUR VIBRANT FAMILY today where I share my story in hopes to give you hope if you are struggling with infidelity!

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