We are going deep on this episode today (#31) and I say WE because for this episode (and the following two episodes) my husband Jeff Swanson joins me on the podcast!

I’m excited to bring you some insight and wisdom we’ve learned together as a couple–specifically in the areas of depression and burnout. Perhaps you know someone who is going through depression or burnout? Or maybe you’re the one experiencing it yourself? Or maybe it’s your significant other? Regardless of where you’re at with this issue, I believe you will learn a few valuable tools, things we ended up learning the hard way.

In this episode we cover:

  • Our separate journey’s through depression and burnout.
  • what depression is and what it isn’t.
  • what changed to help us navigate this in a healthier way.
  • how to support your spouse if they are going through this instead of making it worse.
  • the false understanding we had about this issue originally, and how God opened out eyes to it.

We don’t sugarcoat it in this episode. We are real, honest, vulnerable, and it is our hope that this will help someone not feel quite so alone on their journey with this as well.

Click here to listen to this episode!

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