It’s Episode 29 in the Refine and Restore Podcast and today I’m revealing behind-the-scenes of what they don’t tell you about how to become an author. I share the parts that make it worth it, but also the challenges I faced and the honest questions I had to ask myself just before I started to take my writing more seriously.

In this episode I cover:

  • one of the hardest things I believe all authors face
  • what writing really looks like behind-the-scenes, especially when you’re first getting started to become an author
  • multiple mindset shifts over the past few years as I’ve journeyed on this somewhat hush-hush industry
  • Why you probably shouldn’t quit your day job (although making money as an author is more important to me now that I’m the main income earner of the family, it is definitely NOT my primary goal…but this one thing is)
  • When the best time is to start
  • How to find a mentor/coach to help you through the process (and why this has been key to my success)

It’s important for me to mention that I offer my coaching programs for aspiring authors three times per year and if this is something you’ve had on your heart for a while to pursue, or perhaps you’ve been trying to make it as an author for a while now, I can’t tell you how important it will be for you to hire a coach to help you get there. Check out my Aspiring Author coaching programs here to learn more!

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