(Day 7): How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection


How many of you go about your day with a constant underlying fear of rejection?

  • Do you fear presenting your work to your boss, work you’ve worked long and hard at, for fear of his disapproving remarks?
  • Do you fear going out to the grocery store with your three kids for fear of them running amuck, therefore experiencing feelings of shame or sneers of rejection by others?
  • Do you fear asking a person out for a date, only to hear the dreaded, “No, I’m not interested.” Rejected.
  • Do you fear what you share on social media will be taken the wrong way, because it has a time or two in the past?

Fear of rejection can cause anxiety in our lives. When we live in this constant state of anxiety because of the fear of how others will act or react towards us, we begin to live a life lacking in confidence, lacking in purpose, and lacking in the ability to see ourselves as anything else but: REJECTED!

But guess what? Although you may be rejected by man, you are never rejected by God.


Watch the video below as I discuss in more detail the story of Joseph and how he was rejected by his brothers, and experienced great rejection in his life… but how he overcame rejection by clinging to the deeper Truth which set him free!



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