I’m pretty sure God has a big sense of humor.

You see, I always said I’d never join a direct sales business again after being completely burned on one 13 years ago.

But here I am, completely obsessed with something that I can’t keep my mouth shut about…and I never thought that would happen.

Here are a lot of “never’s” I have experienced in the last couple of years:

  • I never thought I’d move from California to Idaho
  • I never thought my husband would quit his successful job and demote himself
  • I never thought I’d become a bestselling author
  • I never thought I’d publish a book for that matter
  • I never thought I’d end up liking bacon again (it’s 9:17 pm and I’m honestly thinking about cooking up some now, lol!)

And now here I am, saying I never thought I’d join another direct sales company…like never EVER thought this would happen.

God is laughing, I can just hear Him.

The ironic part is it was divinely orchestrated and I tried to say no, but eventually, God won.

Yet now? I’m so glad He did.

It’s time to tell you a little bit about what my journey has been like over the past several months with H2O at Home as I’ve immersed myself in studying and learning more and more about natural cleaning and personal care products, and how to be an advocate for reducing the carbon emissions (I will explain more, just stay with me).

H2O at Home is a company based in France with incredibly innovative, non-toxic, natural products, especially for cleaning the home. Sounds like they would suck though right? I thought natural cleaning products, especially for cleaning, meant they wouldn’t be powerful enough. Truthfully, there ARE a few companies out there (like Mrs. Meyers cleaning products) that don’t actually sanitize or disinfect or do any of the things we would buy the products for.

But these? H2O at Home products? They legit WORK my friend!

It sounds cliche but I was absolutely blown away by these products once I started using them. And even more blown away by the company ethics and mission once I started learning about them. I mean, this company cares SO much about people, their product formulations, and this planet we live on. They are reducing waste with 100% recycled materials, creating less waste with consumable products with biodegradable packaging, AND they want you to be able to use your products a long time so they create high-quality or concentrated products so you don’t have to reorder so quickly.

If that doesn’t blow you away, I think you need to research it a bit more as I did so you can appreciate what this company is doing.

So the products. You can find out more about them here, but I recommend grabbing the Premium Set or Starter Set if you want to experience a bit of the magic yourself. If you want some antiviral power too (ahem, virus anyone?), grab the All Purpose Cleanser and you’re all set.

Okay, let’s talk about the business because that is what I came here today to share with you. I’m going to give you the facts and figures for the last 6 months (plus 2 months of me debating it) and what I’ve accomplished in a relatively short amount of time.

**You need to know that this is not representative of what you will make with H2O at Home. I’m not claiming or guaranteeing income but I’m showing you what I’ve personally experienced and the income I’ve gained by working this side-business with intention.**

MARCH (2020)

Covid hit and all hell broke loose right? My online business was falling apart and I began praying for another way to earn some extra money right now with something that would bring my joy back (another long story too long to share here). Through a series of divinely inspired events, and mostly because I feel completely IN LOVE with these products once I tried them, I knew H2O at Home was the side-business I was supposed to pursue. But…I couldn’t start it because the company had shut-down due to the virus and were trying to protect their warehouse workers. So I had to wait…


Still waiting and trying out the few products that were sent to me by my Advisor…and LOVING them so much! I knew I had to do this as a business because I knew I wouldn’t be able to shut up about them. Yes, they are THAT amazing.


I FINALLY was able to sign-up for the business! It was only $109 (now $119) and I received over $400 worth of products. I was super nervous about the business-side of this because…remember, I said I’d never do direct sales? I was worried about how others would view me talking about these products from a direct sales company. But one thing I decided even before I joined the business was that if I was going to do this, I would do this MY way, completely opposite from other direct sales-people that would annoy me to no end. Has it been working for me? Well, let’s take a look-see…

Total Commissions: $369.73

Total Product Value Earned: $336  (includes bonuses)

Total Earned: $369.73 + $336 = $705.73

Total people (sponsors) that signed up to join my team: 0 (as you can see, you can still earn money without signing anyone up to join your team.)

Ranking at the end of the month: Advisor to Qualified Advisor (level 1)

I was THRILLED that within the first month I not only gained back what I spent but more! I received bonuses with more products to try out and continued to share my results. I simply kept sharing and showing my genuine enthusiasm for these products with before and afters. I didn’t know if anyone was watching or cared, but I shared it anyways. Nobody signed up this month but that’s okay, I wasn’t pushing the business side of it as I was still getting my feet wet with this company. Also, this was a CRAZY busy month for me personally, and yet I still made a few sales and received my bonuses despite outside work and life issues going on.


Total Commissions: $572.93

Total Product Value Earned: $447 (includes bonuses)

Total Earned: $572.93 + $447 = $1,019.93

Total people (sponsors) that signed up to join my team: 0

Ranking at the end of the month: Qualified Advisor (level 1)

A few people had tried these products and word was getting out. I hosted a few virtual workshops (I don’t like the term “parties” and have a weird avoidance of the phrase) and continued to just teach others what I knew about the products. I dug into back-office resources with H2O at Home to learn even more about the products so I could share more confidently with others. The more I researched the more I fell in LOVE with the company. I could see they’re real deal, the intentionality behind them is above and beyond any other company out there, and the product quality while keeping it so affordable was beyond my comprehension. I was officially hooked and knew I was going to be with this company for the long haul. There were a ton of bonuses I earned this month which is why my earnings jumped up so much!



Total Commissions: $621.67

Total Product Value Earned: $182  (including bonuses)

Total Earned: $621.67 + $182 = $803.67

Total people (sponsors) that have signed up to join my team: 7 (5 personal)

Ranking at the end of the month: Senior Sponsoring Advisor (level 3; skipped level 2 – Sponsoring Advisor)

This month is when things really started heating up in the sponsoring department. I finally wasn’t afraid of sharing the business-side of this as things were going well for me. I knew an extra $500/month for people could change a lot of things in their life for the better while helping them change their home to safer, higher quality products. I personally signed up 5 others, and 2 of them signed up a person each for 7 total on our team. I went from zero to 7 in one month and it bumped me to Senior Sponsoring Advisor by the end of the month where now I’m getting paid 32% on my personal sales instead of 25%. In addition, I receive 2% of my team’s total personal sales because I’m teaching and coaching them now too and get paid a bit for this. Best part? I’m having SO MUCH FUN with this!



Total Commissions: $909.54

Total Product Value Earned: $247.50 

Total Earned: $909.54 + 247.50 = $1,157.04

Total people (sponsors) that have signed up to join my team: 8 (this includes the previous month as well; 1 personal)

Ranking at the end of the month: Senior Sponsoring Advisor (level 3; skipped level 2) and in Qualification for Leader (level 4)

New products with the company launched this month. One team member and I did a special mystery host special to celebrate and bring in more sales. It was a HIT and we both hit our biggest month in sales since starting this side-business. Virtual School started for my kids so I wasn’t able to press in as much as I wanted, but I still had a solid month and barely made the Qualification for Leader (level 4 title) because I helped coach my team to reach certain goals as well. It was awesome and I know I am set up well to reach Leader title status next month.



Total Commissions: $984.44

Total Product Value Earned: $139.25

Total Earned: $984.44 + $139.25 = $1,123.69

Total people (sponsors) that have signed up to join my team: 9 (1 more personal)

Ranking at the end of the month: LEADER! (level 4 – 15% raise plus additional bonuses for Team Sales)

**You don’t have to have hundreds on your team to accomplish this title advancement with generous pay. Just 3 dedicated people and that’s it.**

This was one of my lowest months in personal sales and is routinely one of the lowest months on average for the company, however, I STILL managed to rank up to LEADER status (4th level) where my pay increased (by 15%). You can see I still managed to earn over $1,000 this month thanks to the promotion. I now earn 40% commission (instead of 32%) + 8% on my central team sales (instead of 2%). My income is only going to keep increasing from here as I continue to build a team and share these products with others.



Total Commissions: $1,074.16

Total Product Value Earned: $264

Total Earned: $1,074.16 + $264 = $1,338.16

Total people (sponsors) that have signed up to join my team: 12 (1 more personal)

Ranking at the end of the month: Leader (40% commission + Team Bonuses)

This month, I started investing some of my earned income into the team with incentives. I believe in investing back into my team in order to help them grow a sustainable and thriving business. The hardest part is always the first 90 days in any startup business venture. I wanted to make sure my team had the support they needed and so I ensured a lot of personalized coaching sessions for each person. The coaching part has been fulfilling for me in ways I didn’t realize until now.


Total Commissions: $1,518.65

Total Product Value Earned: $484.70

Total Earned: $1,518.65 + $484.70 = $2,003.35

Total people (sponsors) that have signed up to join my team: 13 (1 more personal)

Ranking at the end of the month: Leader (40% commission + Team Bonuses)

Things you don’t see here: I also earned the 2021 Incentive Trip (To Los Cabos), was asked to be a breakout speaker at the upcoming leadership convention in January, and I’ve earned tons of additional 50% off coupons over the last several months. I’ve helped over 100 people transition their home to eco-friendly products and have helped over 15 hosts receive discounted products with H2O at Home. The company is SOOOO generous and I’m loving every bit of it.

Maybe this income doesn’t look significant enough to you. Maybe you need $5,000 or $10,000 per month to make it appealing enough.

The thing is, there is no other business venture you could take out there that won’t cost you as little as $119 to start up but provide an immediate profit and infinite income down the road. There’s no other business you can earn income by simply posting pictures of your results while you’re running around after kids and trying to keep up on everything. No other business will simplify your life like this one and help you earn more while doing it only part-time. Plus, even just $500 per month can make a HUGE difference in your budget and is totally doable.

Notice a few things:

  • You don’t need a huge team to earn income
  • You don’t have to do in-person parties (I haven’t, I do “Virtual Workshops” + give out samples)
  • There are no locked in memberships for your friends to purchase things from you
  • You don’t need to go around bugging your friends to buy this stuff

Just show them your results and let them figure it out.

While I’m passionate about sharing my faith and personal growth in this space, I’m just as passionate about online business and the ability to influence culture and our family in a positive way through the income we earn and work for. We need more generous people creating businesses and income to positively change our lives and those around us. This is part of my unique purpose. It’s part of what I’ve been created to do along with sharing my faith and inspiring others to create positive changes in their life. And I can’t help but see this as an opportunity for you to earn a living with integrity with a company that is honest, generous, and provides extremely positive benefits to the world and everyone in it.

My team is growing and the word is getting out about this incredible company. The deeper mission behind this company is absolutely worth it.

And just think…what would an extra $100, $500, or $2,000/month do for you working it part-time on the side? I’d love to coach you personally and help you reach your goals with a company that is so much more than a paycheck.

Still unsure? Watch this.

I will check back in with you and update this page in the next few months! But as you can see it’s only going to get better from here…

Ready to join? Click this link to get your Business Kit and start earning 25% commission immediately! I will follow-up with you within 24 hours to help you get your side-biz launched and rolling!

***I make no guaranteed income claims whatsoever if you decide to join H2O at Home. My income reflected is based on the concentrated effort of both personal sales and team sales. H2O at Home is a direct sales company that is regulated by the Direct Sales Association and therefore is not a pyramid scheme. If you want to learn about why I believe this business model is better than other online business models, watch my video here.**

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