I’ve always been a writer at heart.

The stacks of journals are proof that writing is how I process through life. It’s become my lifeline to understand myself, and in turn create understanding for others as well. Although sometimes, it creates more questions than answers…but maybe that’s the way God wants it to be?

In 6th grade, I won an aspiring author award for writing and illustrating a book titled “Navy and Jay” about two socks who went on a journey to discover their purpose. Their original purpose and intent were obviously socks. But they were so much more than that. They became rags to wash windows, mittens for a homeless person, and eventually made their way into a hand-crafted rug in the shape of a heart for a little girl who played on it with her toys. Thinking about it, it really was a great story.

I crafted many other stories after that. Short stories, mainly fiction. I saved the non-fiction portion of my writing for my journals.

However, when I got to high-school, writing became less fun and creative, more formal and grammatical. I started to see more red on my paper than white and pretty much decided I wasn’t meant to make a career out of it. I’m still learning the in’s and out’s of grammar. So I pursued a medical career instead. It seemed safer. Less risky.

Until my desire to write couldn’t be hidden any longer.

I started a blog nearly 3 years ago called Refine and Restore. I still have it directing to this site now. Basically, the essence of it hasn’t changed. It seems to have become my constant running theme to my life. Seeing how God refines the areas of my life and restores my heart back to Him and His Truth. My faith couldn’t rest in the church pews any longer. I had to use my gift to help others discover their God-given purpose in this world.

And so, this desire took me on an amazing journey, becoming a best-selling author in as little as two years with no platform, no agent, and definitely not a much going for me…except a unique and on-trend idea. I shared this and more with best-selling author and writing guru, Jeff Goins, with hopes of inspiring you to believe that you too can become a successful author as well.

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