Hey guys! I need to share with you something important and very sudden that I didn’t have planned before we get into today’s episode. You will understand this more as you listen to this episode with Jordan Raynor, but I’ve decided to make this the last running episode for the Refine and Restore podcast. It’s definitely bittersweet. I’ve SO enjoyed the process of sharing podcast episodes, guests and content with you all. It was definitely good for a season. But recently, I had been feeling the pull to complete this podcast earlier than I had planned and it’s all because of the recent early copy of a book I read by Jordan Raynor called Master of One, along with confirmation in prayer with God. You know when you have a good thing you can do but it doesn’t give room to the one thing that God is asking you to do that is going to be that much better? Yeah, that’s me right now in this season. So, keep listening to this episode with Jordan because maybe it will make you think hard about where you’re at in life and whether or not you are where God wants you in this season of life.

But let me tell you a bit about Jordan Raynor before we go into today’s podcast episode. Jordan Raynor is a serial entrepreneur and national bestselling author who helps Christians do their most exceptional work for the glory of God and the good of others. His book, Called to Create, became an instant bestseller when it was released in November 2017. His next book, Master of One, will be released in January 2020. In addition to his writing, Jordan serves as the Executive Chairman of Threshold 360, a venture-backed tech startup that has built the world’s largest library of 360° experiences of hotels, restaurants, and attractions. Jordan previously served as CEO of the company, following a string of successful ventures of his own. Jordan has twice been selected as a Google Fellow and served in The White House under President George W. Bush. A highly sought-after public speaker on the topic of faith and work, Jordan has spoken at Harvard University, SXSW, TEDx, and many other high-profile events around the world. A sixth-generation Floridian, Jordan lives in Tampa with his wife and their two young daughters.

This is one of my favorite episodes where we dig into the topic of calling and purpose and how your ministry can be at home with the kids, at church, or creating products as a serial entrepreneur. As long as you are doing it for the glory of God and loving others in the process, that’s all that really matters.

Listen to this episode here!
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