I wanted to hone in on a few topics this month. Popular topics that I think you would enjoy discussing or relate to me personally. I created a wide palette so there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Here’s what to expect:


Mommy Monday’s: My “Dear Mommy…” letter’s will bring hope to your weary footsteps. Whimsical, funny, and deeply relatable musings of my own motherhood journey which I think will relate to just about every momma out there.

Two-Becomes-One Tuesday’s: These posts deal with the hot topic of marriage. It will engage those thinking about marriage or relate to those in the trenches of married life (especially those with children) with personal insights and insightful twists I’ve found has helped me in my own marriage and perhaps they might help you too?

Friendsome Friday’s: Yes “friendsome” is a word! I’m going to share some gut-wrenching stories of what I’ve learned through my own failures in friendships, how to deal with our mind crazies–the insecurity battles we face with friends each day, and how you can still be a good friend even though you are weighed down with the busyness of life!

Storytime Saturday’s: I will take you on a journey each Saturday to help you overcome and be free of some of your biggest fears through real-life battles I’ve faced and have learned (am still learning) to lay at Christ’s feet to take away!


I will start this series on Monday July 4th, try it for a month, and see where it goes!


July will be a month of ultimate REFINEMENT and RESTORAL as we seek to allow the application of faith, testimony, and community to transform our lives and minds to become who we are meant to be in Christ.


Will you join me?

See you this Monday with my 1st post on the topic of Mommy Monday’s! (Don’t worry if you have to reheat your coffee for the third time to finally join me! ;-))

July Series

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