So sorry for those of you seeing this post late (or for a 2nd time) but I’ve been having some major glitches on the technical side of things with my site. But, I THINK I’ve have the main issues resolved now and things should be running smoother again from here on out! Let’s hope!!!


Craziness with work or school schedules.

Overwhelmed busyness with kids.

Unsuspected life challenges.


Let the “March Madness” begin!


I can relate to this crazy, hectic pace of being stuck in the busyness of life: shuttling 3 kids to preschool 3 times per week, working from home developing my ministries, and working outside the home part-time as a dental hygienist. I am also a full-time homemaker, trying to jam soul-filling time to re-connect with friends into my already packed agenda. I have speaking engagements, writing deadlines, meal-planning, never-ending laundry, grocery shopping, date-night moments squeezed in with my spouse, and…goodness…I try to remember to feed the dog every night (because let’s be honest, she has sadly become last on list of priorities).


I know full well what it is like to be overwhelmed with a busy life.


So how do we thrive amidst our busy schedules?


How do we ensure that we are intentionally becoming who God made us to be, instead of becoming a very busy version of ourselves doing “good things” yet not pursuing the things that, perhaps, we were meant to be pursuing?… (READ MORE)


Join me over at Becoming as I share how to thrive instead of simply survive in the midst of the busy by clicking here!


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