Today I brought my guest Lindsay Teague Moreno onto the podcast. Lindsay is an author, podcaster, and business owner. In just two short years she built a seven-figure personal income, using only social media. Lindsay did this with three little girls at home and all the mom duties that come along with it. Having spent a considerable amount of time building multiple profitable businesses, she has gone through her share of ups and downs. With a passion for helping women find their voice and purpose, she wants to show women they can build their own version of the good life, no matter the circumstances.

On the podcast today we tackle the unconventional look of being a faith-loving woman entrepreneur while being a devoted mama to her kids, along with a plethora of other misconceptions many people have that Lindsay has faced personally. Your going to laugh, be inspired, and find the courage you didn’t think you had by the end of this episode.

Buy Lindsay’s Book Boss Up! (Pssst there’s a giveaway for two copies on Instagram!)

Listen to the episode here!

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