Today you’re going to listen to the conversation I had with Mary DeMuth. Mary DeMuth is an author, speaker and podcaster who is passionate about helping you live a re-storied life. A survivor of neglect and sexual abuse, Mary was gloriously rescued by Jesus when she was 15. She has spent her life healing from trauma so she can help others not feel so alone. She is the wife of Patrick and mom of three adult children.

In this episode we dig into overcoming shame, how to best respond to those hurt from sexual abuse, what we can do as parents to prevent our own children from unwanted sexual abuse, and why we need to start talking about this more in a healthy way to help people who have been affected by this issue not feel so alone. Although we don’t go into detail in today’s episode, it still may not be best for young children so use caution when playing today’s episode.

Listen to the podcast episode here!


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