(Day 28): Meal Plan to Save Time and Worry Less

Friends, I’m still working towards this goal (why is this so hard for me?!)

I’m just not the best meal planner, nor am I an avid cook (and very minimal baker at that).

But when I DO plan out weekly meals for the family, it ALWAYS reduces stress that day regarding the dreaded question, “what are we going to eat tonight?”

I’m sure there are better people to talk to about this or follow who are avid cooks and amazing planners to get this done at an even easier pace, so take these suggestions in stride as they are coming from someone who isn’t a big cook and has a hard time planning meals ahead of time and staying organized. *wink wink*

Regardless however it gets done, get it done! I’m telling myself this too. But from the majority of people I know, as well as when I actually have this planned and figured out in my schedule, it becomes one less thing to worry about.


So here are 5 ideas which may help you plan meals and save time so you can worry less!

(1) Dream Dinners. This option allows you to go to the facility itself to prepare and take home freezer meals for the month!

(2) Blue Apron. I’m trying this one this week so we shall see how it goes!

(3) Plan-to-Eat. I’ve heard this is amazing, but have yet to try it! Let me know if you use it!

(4) Download a Meal Planning App! I’ve still been perusing different meal planners to see which one works best for me and my family. There are some free one’s, however I’m about to try a few paid one’s (usually only a few dollars to purchase) since they seem to have more to offer for what I’m looking for. But I would suggest you check some out, and then come back here to tell me which one’s you like!

(5) Get a group of ladies together to do a meal swap! Have you heard of meal swaps? It’s a pretty cool thing I’m about to try with some of my friends. If you don’t know what it is, check out this link I found which gives a great general idea for how to do it!


What are the ways you meal plan to save time and stress? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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