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When someone signs up, you get paid 30% commission FOR LIFE on that sale as long as the person stays signed up!

Want More Details? 

For example, say you have 20 people sign-up for a monthly membership of $49/month (Aspiring Authors track monthly rate). You will receive: $49 x 30%  = $14.70 per monthly x 20 people sign up = $294 per month!

That’s nearly $300 PER MONTH of residual income just for sharing a link about an incredible program that helps them get the coaching they want and need to become a successful writer!

If they sign-up for the yearly membership, you receive nearly $3,200 per year for simply sharing it once and then doing NOTHING.

(530 x 30% = $159 x 20 = $3,180 yearly affiliate income)

**Commission payouts start 60 days after sales**

Just think about how much residual income you can make just by sharing about something you love that will help others, too? The income is unlimited!

Sign-up now to become an affiliate of Rachel Swanson’s Inspired Writers membership today!

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