Have you ever jumped into something you never really planned on doing? But then you realize you’re perfectly suited for the job? And not only that, but suddenly you have an aching passion to do it?


This is what I would call pursuing dreams you never even knew you had.


Back in 2014, I started what my husband called my “ministry habit.” It was really birthed alongside his own “ministry habit” he started in 2013, teaching men at his local church on the topic of sexual integrity. I created a workbook for women and started teaching women on the topic of sexual integrity in a biblical format. I never really saw myself doing this, but it started to bring my soul alive in ways I never thought it would. I did this while mothering 3 children under 2 years old and working part-time as a dental hygienist. We began moving toward the possibility of launching an online ministry behind it, a bit unsure though of what that looked like.


In 2015, I took the plunge and signed up for a 12-month long coaching program that I felt God nudging me toward. I believed would help me figure out how to build a ministry, learn about the book publishing market, and develop my speaking skills–things my heart started to yearn for even though I never aspired to pursue this field of interest before. I was guided through the program by a Christian NY Time Bestselling Author and International speaker, who also runs a successful ministry and business.


I can honestly say this program—although it seemed like a huge investment at the time—changed my life and my relationship with God, worth every penny I spent.  I finally figured out the type of person God created me to be, grew exponentially in my faith, and finally began believing in the possibility of pursuing dreams I never knew I had of writing, speaking, and coaching.


Like I said, I was working part-time as a dental hygienist while rearing my brood of three young children. Honestly, I had enough on my plate with just that…but there was something (or someOne) inside me telling me to keep going and learn as much as possible about this path of interest.


Early 2016, through the self-exploration parts of the program, I realized I suffered from chronic anxiety. As I began researching and applying actionable personal and spiritual growth tools to overcome this issue, God gave me my first real book idea.


As a Christian, I knew the value of investing into my personal relationship with Jesus, but as a busy young mom, this is hard to do amidst the chaos of #momlife…amen? Adult coloring books were (and still are) popular, but I never felt like I had time to sit and color to de-stress, let alone get into God’s Word for some spiritual refreshment. Which gave me the idea to create Big and Little Coloring Devotional (with my co-creator Jacy Corral) as a way to get spiritual nourishment plus de-stressing time for myself, while also providing a fun way to spend time with my kids and nurture their spiritual development as well.


The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as I was learning all the tools needed to write and pitch this book. It really was an amazing story, you can read more about it here! Basically, it became a national bestseller (what???) and (at the current time writing this) has reached ten’s of thousands of families helping them connect and reflect, together.


As I was writing out this book for my publisher, I realized I had another interest—the topic of anxiety. The life-changing aspects I was learning about how to manage my own chronic anxiety compelled me to complete a certified life coaching program on stress management, mostly to help reduce my own stress and anxiety levels. At the time, I still wasn’t really thinking of doing life coaching as a business yet. Not until January 2017.


God began to make me even more aware of strengths I never knew I had. He helped me see how the way I communicate is naturally suited for coaching. Even my natural writing style gives off a more coaching tone, which I’ve tried for years to soften thinking it was a negative quality to have (quite honestly, in some cases it is).


God helped me see that there was a need by women to understand some of the same things He had been teaching me over the past several years when it came to purpose, personal/spiritual growth, stress-relief, and pursuing your passion (business/ministry/product creation) and God-given dreams.


I’m thankful I finally have the confidence to say God designed me for coaching, which also works well alongside my writing and speaking endeavors. I’ve always gravitated toward transformational change. Before and after stories are my thing. My absolute sweet spot? Helping coach women to believe in their potential, understand their unique purpose, and propel them to their God-given dreams.


Why Does This Matter?

Coaching can seem like a luxury, but I assure you, it’s a necessity if you want to grow in life and gain the required tools needed for success. I would not be in this amazing position today–doing things I love–if it wasn’t for the positive and insightful mentoring and coaching (and of course Jesus) that transformed my heart and mind from a place of feeling stagnant, stuck, and sorrowful, to a place now of passion and purposeful progression.


When your soul comes alive, it positively affects everything else in your life.



Your relationships become stronger.

Your mind becomes healthier.

Your soul becomes lighter.

Your stamina becomes longer.

Your life becomes fuller.



My success and strength has everything to do with the tools and principles I’ve implemented on a daily basis. But really, I’m nobody special. Anyone can do these things too.


Which is why I created my high-level online group coaching program–The 4R Project–is an 8-week program I’ve created to help faith-filled women (especially mama’s) understand their unique purpose and fulfill those God-given dreams. It’s taken over 10 months to create—from content to videos to downloadables to a TON of prayer for direction—and it gives you all the tools you need to grow spiritually, understand God’s unique story for your life, gain practical tools to start your business/ministry or fulfill that dream, and you get a LIVE coach (me) to walk you through it week by week.


I’d love for you to join me as I believe this will truly change your life. It’s for faith-based women only (sorry men!), especially for those mama’s out there who vacillate back and forth between staying-at-home or building a business/ministry. But guess what? If God’s called you to it, you can most definitely do it.


Ready? Click here for more information about this program and let’s get started pursuing those dreams you never even knew you had!

(P.S. This is by far the craziest and most time consuming thing I’ve ever done… way harder than publishing a book and speaking at LIVE events!)


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