It’s episode 18 and I’ve been wrestling with this concept of “enough” over the past several years and have gotten to a really freeing place of being content with where God has me now. I’ve stopped striving and starting living into this current season with new perspective, and I want to help you shift your thinking with this too—to overcome the lie that you don’t have enough—and step into the truth that enough is right in front of you.

In this episode I cover:

  • How I’ve come into a season where we have less and yet I feel more content than ever.
  • What God’s Word says about contentment and having enough?
  • What I have to do DAILY to restore my heart back to the truth about this matter.
  • How you can become free from the glass-half-empty thoughts.
  • What we really should be striving for and where our focus should be.

We have more than enough friends. But sometimes we need to hear it from someone else who has not just talked the talk, but walked the walk.

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