Today is a special, special day for me because it is the day my book Refine & Restore: Revive Your Heart, Release Your Purpose officially releases into the world!

You guys, this book is literally the message God put on my heart around 5 years ago that I continued to cultivate and steward for many years, and now I cannot believe that it is in book form! If you have enjoyed my podcast, you are going to LOVE this book as I go even deeper with you into my stories of faith and my testimony and how God has and is continuing to refine and restore my spirit to revive my heart and release my purpose.
I’m literally recording this today, on the day my book releases because I wanted this episode to be especially fresh and a memory that I can go back to and hold onto when I’m feeling a bit shaky from this whole process of putting myself out there for all the world to see. Because, I don’t sugar coat things in this book. I’m raw and real, but according to readers not in a way that feels overwhelming, but inviting and captivating and heartwarming…
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