I had an entertaining chat with my guest Jenny Randle on today’s podcast. Jenny calls herself a creative ninja which is fitting since she’s an entrepreneur, speaker, Emmy-award winning editor, and wrote a book called Courageous Creative to help unleash your inner creative. Some of you may not think you are creative, or think that being creative is a big deal. Perhaps you’ve even succumbed to the lie that God doesn’t want you to dream or pursue those dreams with Him?

In this episode we cover:

  • Alarming statistics about the drop in our creative energy as an adult, and why this is so important to get back.
  • The lie you may be believing in about your lack of creativity.
  • How being creative is biblical and a part of our origin.
  • What tapping into our creative energies does for the soul (and why this is worth fighting for!)
  • How to freestyle rap like a champ! (Or at least have fun with it!)

You will laugh out loud with this episode as well as get a big tug in your heart as you listen to Jenny’s personal story of pursuing her inner creative, and how you should do the same.

Click here to listen to this episode!

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