Part 2 of 3 of our Recent Faith Adventure (Ranch Story)

Last week, I talked about the beginning and how this whole ranch adventure, my husband quitting his job, the RV and us moving from California to Idaho first started. The decision for my husband to quit his job was the pivotal decision that created a wake of change and propelled us onto an adventure with God we never even saw coming.

But if you think this transition was seamless, think again. No, it brought us on a million different pivots and a million different decisions to make, ultimately propelling us to one main purpose. A purpose and mission for which we are still discovering and unwrapping right now.

Just so you don’t think we’re super human and super spiritual:

  • I made a few impulsive decisions that my husband wasn’t too thrilled with.
  • This leap of faith hasn’t been without some financial planning on our part, making this transition a lot easier than it would have been.
  • We still aren’t quite making it each month without my husband working (even in a lower income area like the rural hills of Idaho) but I’m thankful for my business ministry, book contracts, and the coaching clients I get to serve.
  • I had a full-blown panic attack when we arrived at the ranch. So no, I’m not super human.
  • We’ve both been struggling with fear multiple times and the inconvenience this has brought to our lives has stretched us thin (me more than him).

BUT, we’ve also been experiencing something incredible through this process. Something that feels almost like I imagine Peter feeling walking on water toward Jesus. An indescribable experience and connection to Him. Seeing how He is using us in ways we never anticipated which has swollen our hearts with such incredible purpose. Doing work too big for us to handle but totally possible with God.

Our hearts feel more alive than we’ve ever felt before and God continues to give us affirmations that we are doing the right thing. Friend, I believe you can experience this too. Perhaps you just need to know someone else who has already taken this leap and can tell you, “It’s worth it! Trust me!”

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