Stasi Eldredge is a best-selling author and co-creator of Ransomed Heart ministries. She and her husband love writing and speaking about the goodness of God despite challenges we face.

In this episode, Stasi discusses how you can still claim defiant joy amidst life difficulties. It’s different than simply choosing joy, which seems to dismiss the reality of hardships going on around us. Instead we can have defiant joy, which acknowledges the pains of what is but also remember the joys we already have in Jesus.

If you want to hear about:

  • What we believe the Bible says about prosperity verses suffering
  • What to do that will help when you’re faced with a sudden hardship
  • What NOT to do when you’re faced with a hardship
  • How Stasi and I battle with contentment and joy amidst our body image struggles (especially post-holidays)


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