Have you ever had to wait on something when all you want to do is press forward? Waiting on a job, for a check, on kids to put their dang shoes on (or maybe that’s just me?) Waiting on God’s promise for something He may have demonstrated to you? Waiting for healing, waiting for rain, waiting for a dream to more forward? Have certain situations required your patience or caused frustration amidst the waiting?

In this episode (20) I’m discussing:

  • Our current standstill with the ranch and when God has asked me to wait…
  • Does God actually call us to wait sometimes?
  • What stories of the bible discuss this?
  • Is there purpose in this waiting?
  • What is the lie we are believing in?
  • What areas of your own life is God asking you to wait and what might He be trying to teach you?

Recently, God has been telling me to wait. To be patient. Something that isn’t exactly my strong suit. If you’ve ever been wrestling with the issue of waiting on God’s timing or being patient during challenging times, keep listening because I want to tell you what I’ve learned personally and found biblically through this process.

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