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A simple 5-session process to revitalize your heart
and discover your God-given purpose and dreams!

If you’re feeling stagnant, uncertain of your purpose, distant from God, or simply want to grow deeper spiritually, this course is for you.

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    • Each session breaks down one key point and brings you through the refine and restore growth process.
    • Each lesson is 15 min or less, making this course doable amidst a busy schedule.


    •  Print out this beautiful, custom workbook to follow along with the course, making note-taking easy peasy!
    • This workbook encourages simple actions to experience  life-change in no time! Plan 5-10 minutes of written application per session.

Pre-order the book, copy your confirmation number in your receipt and paste it into the registration form below with the rest of your information.


Meet the Coach

Rachel C. Swanson is a best-selling author, national speaker, podcaster, and accredited life coach. She’s passionate about refining away the barriers that are holding others back and restoring their hearts and minds back to God’s truth. Married for thirteen years to her husband Jeff, they recently relocated their tribe of “Wannabe Triplets” from the bustling sprawl of Southern California to the rural hills of Southern Idaho.


Rachel is a truth teller. In Refine and Restore, she shares her story with a raw vulnerability drawing you to see the workings of God behind, in, and through every moment, both in her life and in yours. The call to embrace Jesus and to risk following Him with abandoned trust flows from every page. Read it and you will find your story in her story, but most importantly, you’ll find it in His.  

Stasi Eldredge, New York Times Bestselling co-author of CaptivatingDirector of Women’s Ministries at Ransomed Heart

The book you are holding is a direct result of Rachel’s radical faith in God’s guidance. Raw, relatable, and open-hearted, Refine and Restore will help you answer the questions of purpose, calling, and identity, and compel you to walk an intimate path with God, wherever it may lead you. If you’re tired of feeling stagnant in your faith and are ready to come alive with a godly passion and purpose yourself, this book is for you.

Shannon Ethridge, M.A., Life Coach, Speaker and Author of 22 books, including the million-copy best-selling Every Woman’s Battle series and The Sexually Confident Wife

If you’ve been feeling stagnant, unsure of your purpose, or have the sense God is inviting you to something more, Refine and Restore will leave you feeling inspired to take a leap of faith with Him into an adventure of a lifetime.

—Rebekah Lyons, Author of You Are Free and Freefall to Fly

Rachel’s story to finding spiritual freedom will surprise you. But you’ll also relate, no doubt. That’s what’s beautiful about her story—she found freedom, only to realize God needed to grow her up in other ways. Filled with incredibly practical ways to rediscover the passion of Jesus and find freedom for the ache in your soul, this book will leave you feeling like you just gained a friend who gets you.

Dr. Josh and Christi Straub, Authors of What Am I Feeling and hosts of In This Together podcast

Rachel Swanson gets it. She’s the type of author who feels like an instant friend. That’s because she has lived her message and understands how you feel. If you are ready to refine your heart and revive your purpose, this book is for you.

Becky Thompson, author of the books Hope UnfoldingLove Unending and Truth Unchanging

Rachel shares her story boldly while never forgetting to make the reader feel like a close friend. With bravery, she has done the work of digging deeper into her faith and we are the beneficiaries of that digging. Get ready to be pushed and prompted to step out further in your purpose while learning to give yourself grace as you grow. 

Hannah Brencher, Author of Come Matter Here


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?  It’s set up to be completed in 5-weekly sessions with lessons no longer than 15 minutes each. You are free to go through weekly ort at your own pace, as quickly or slowly as you want!

Is there any LIVE coaching? No, there are no live components to this course. Everything is pre-recorded.

Do I need to buy the book Refine and Restore to go through this course? No, the course can be done without the book. However, the book adds more depth than the course and is an added benefit, supporting the course content.

Is the workbook shipped? No, the workbook is a digital download that can be printed from your home computer.

Why can’t I get the course when it says it’s free? The course + workbook is free until October 8th WITH the purchase of the book Refine and Restore: Revive Your Heart, Release Your Purpose. Just input your purchase order confirming you bought the book, and you should receive an email within 10 minutes with login access to the course!

I’m having problems accessing the course? Email team@rachelcswanson.com and we will get it straightened out for you right away!

How long will this course be available? I’m not sure! You should sign-up for it now so you don’t miss out!


Are there any refunds? Sorry, no. But if you’re unsatisfied with anything, feel free to send us an email at team@rachelcswanson.com and we will try to make it up to you!

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