Welcome back to the R&R Podcast friends, I cannot believe that it’s been 1 full year since I launched this podcast and what an amazing year of growth it’s been for those of you who have been following along each episode. I hope and pray you’ve been growing in your faith, learning tools to help you thrive in life, and that you’ve enjoyed some of the personal stories I’ve shared about the radical adventures of stepping out and walking on water with Jesus over the past several years of my life. The most amazing thing is I decided to start this podcast before I even knew that my book was going to be published with the same name, Refine and Restore. It’s been fun to see how God had this planned better than I could have planned it myself, even though I felt like He was taking too long because I had been pitching it, rather uncertainly for a year, this was 2017-2018 before it became officially contracted with FaithWords in October 2018 and is now going to be released into a book this October 2019. I can’t wait for October 8th when it becomes available for you to have in your hands, although I do have about 300 early readers in my launch team with books and can I just share with you a few things they’ve said about it so far? Vitali said As I read this book it’s like God wrote it for me and what I have been going through. I feel relief and joy for knowing that I can get out of this rut and that it’s all possible with His power and strength.” Renee said “I am a 73-year old grandmother and I feel that this book is applicable to all ages of women, from teens to old folks like me.” Re (a male reader) “she’s addressing women, but this could easily be written to either men or women.” Vickie said Thanks for putting words to feelings and validating what we are afraid others don’t feel.” Kelli “I cannot thank you enough for putting words to what was going on in my head and in my heart. I am a writer. I love words. I can describe almost anything – except this – and you have done it for me!”

Wow. Thank you! So friend, if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, sounds like this book is worth your time to read and you will thank me later for getting your copy. I also have something special for those that pre-order the book, it’s a 5-session course to help you revive your heart and release your purpose. Basically, it’s the practical application tools that I didn’t put in the book that I help coach you through with this course. And the videos are only 15 minutes or shorter which can either be completed in a 75 minute binge session because you will have access to all 5 of them immediately or you can go through it daily or weekly, applying the tools I share within it to help you grow in your relationship with God and walk out your unique purpose with Him. You can go to RefineAndRestore.com to order as well as claim your free pre-order gift—this course—before October 8th. I’m pretty sure Amazon has it on sale right now too so go grab it and tell your friends before the price goes up and while you can get your pre-order gift to go with it. There’s also a Mega giveaway going on for 5-nights in Hawaii or Florida plus a fun quiz you can check out to discover how happy you are, so go to RefineAndRestore.com and check it out!

Today, I have a simple thought I want to share as we ease into fall with back to school, new schedules, extra activities that might be piling up or start feeling overwhelming…

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