Refine and Restore is a 6-week online course plus a private coaching program for Jesus-loving women who desire a strong, biblically healthy mindset to overcome fear, stress, insecurity, and discover their true purpose and potential in Christ. The experience is designed and led by Rachel C. Swanson, certified life coach (AACC)

My Story

A few years ago, I was struggling under the weight of #allthethings.

  • I was stressed and overwhelmed as a mom to three children under two.
  • I looked around me and wondered if this was really all there was to life.
  • I was feeling unfulfilled in my present circumstances.
  • I was wracked with negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions about myself.
  • I felt extremely distant in my relationship with God.

Then… everything began to change.

It wasn’t overnight, but over time I took the steps I needed to take to get me from where I was then—depressed, overwhelmed, lifeless… to where I am now—happy, vibrant, alive in my purpose.

When this began to happen, others took notice and started asking questions, wanting what I had.

At first, I wasn’t exactly sure how it all happened. But, one day I sat down and thought through what the process was that I took to change my perspective and life.


What changed? What made the difference?

What were the steps?

I started mapping it all out, until it began to take shape. Suddenly, I realized I had a unique program and process that I could in fact share with others.

And that is how this program came into existence and is now available for you to experience, too!

So, are you ready to transform your mind, experience true change, and invest into becoming the person you are meant to be?

What do you get through this program?

  • 6 weeks of online course content and materials to help you gain a strong biblical mindset to overcome fear, comparison and stress, get clarity on your unique purpose, and learn key tools to help you practice the presence of God and equip you to use your gifts in mighty ways, regardless of your circumstances.
  • 6 weekly video coaching calls (through a free service called Zoom) with meetings scheduled according to you!
  • Unlimited access to the online course content for as long as this program is in existence.
  • Access to future discounts on other courses and products.

All done through the comfort of your home (and you can stay in your jammies if you want to!)

The time is now for you to invest in yourself and get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Schedule your free 30-minute call, today!

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