You’ve broken my heart a few times. You’ve made me question whether or not it’s worth investing into. I know it’s just a bunch of imperfect people trying to create a space for us to experience God and deepen our relationship with Him, but sometimes it did quite the opposite. I wondered if it would be better off not pursuing it at all.

I know there’s still no perfect church, but recently, I’m seeing a more true example of what a healthy church looks like through the one I’ve been attending recently here in Idaho–EagleNaz Church.

This is one of the keys to a thriving, relational church experiencing Jesus: praying ALL together as we lift each other up, carry each others burden, advocate one another in our gifts and callings, and support equality believing it’s something we can ALL have.

I almost gave up on the idea of church. But this is a picture of a refine and restore process that has been going through my heart over the past 8 months. God is restoring my faith in Church, with the differences I see in this church, and it’s giving me hope for it once again.

Do you pray together in your church? Like, do you stop in the middle of announcements to pray over others? THAT is what true fellowship with others is and what Church to me should really look like: not being afraid to support one another, share our burdens lift one another up, and glorify God through our humble submission to Him.

I’m thankful they also see me and my talents as gifts to be used there. Not shutting me down because I’m a woman or all the other reasons I can seem unqualified to serve. Thriving means serving and becoming a part of the body–using what God has given you to love others and prayerfully they will see the evidence of God’s love through your service.

Don’t give up, friend. There’s still hope…


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