It seems like everyone is upping their cleaning routines these days due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Unfortunately, there have been multiple reports in the news of an increase of toxicity and poisonings due to the increased use of toxic cleaning products in the home.

Sadly, it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you could clean your entire home, in LESS time, with nontoxic products that rid your home of bacteria, fungi, and yes…viruses? Not only that, but it could save you hundreds of dollars per year!

I used to believe that nontoxic, organic or natural cleaning products meant it didn’t work as well. However, due to technological advances and extensive research studies, we have a better and more efficient alternative. I wonder why this hasn’t become mainstream knowledge and we haven’t switched everything to safer and more effective cleaning methods than our household bleach and toxic cleaners?

Let me introduce you to a company that will change your home, for the better.

The Company: H2O at Home

Based in France, H2O at Home is a company that’s been around for over 20 years (10 years in the United States), serving as a safer and more effective alternative to sanitizing and disinfecting your home. It is certified and regulated by some of the most demanding regulatory authorities in Europe. They strive to bring about natural and organic cleaning products for your home and personal care. Their goal is to simplify your cleaning stash with multi-use products and reduces waste with reusable microfiber chiffonnettes (cloths) that trap 99.9999% of bacteria in its path. No products are tested on animals (gotta love our fuzzy friends!) and the company also gives back by donating a percentage to their charitable partners Coeur De Floret (improve biodiversity and offset carbon emissions) and Coral Guardian (supports marine ecosystems).

The Products: Chiffonnettes + Nontoxic Cleansers

In a quick nutshell, the Chiffonnettes are microfibers that are knit or woven together to do different jobs:

  • Heavy Duty Chiffonnette: tough scrubbing jobs (screens, patio furniture, sports equipment, baseboards, appliances, etc.)
  • Multi-Surface Chiffonnette: traps dust, lifts and holds dirt from counters, bathrooms, and more!)
  • Precision Glass Chiffonnette: polishes by providing a streak-free finish on mirrors, picture frames, glass, T.V’s, computer screens, etc.)

All of these chiffonnettes use only water and friction to remove 99.999% of bacteria from the cleaning surface.

Need a little more power? Let’s say to attack the dreaded coronavirus? No problem!

Using its powerful organic All-Purpose Cleanser will do the trick. Spray and leave on for 5 minutes to provide the antiviral properties you desire. Then wipe it down with the multi-surface chiffy and you are good to go! The best part about this cleanser is the fresh, natural minty smell from organic materials without burning your nostrils and nose with toxins often used with other anti-viral cleaners.

Another cleanser using only 8 ingredients is the Cleaning Clay. It is 100% natural, food-safe, kid-safe, and biodegradable. It’s a must-have multi-purpose item as it is safe to clean: sinks, stovetops, countertops, pots and pans, silverware, grout, jewelry, shower doors, toilets, and more! Instead of buying multiple cleaners to do different jobs around the house, this one product will replace them all.

Final note: use the natural-based safe-to-use netepur soap with warm water to remove the trapped bacteria from the chiffonnettes and say “bye-bye” to filth from your home!

The Savings

H2O at Home will save you more time and money in both the long and short-run. No more paper towel waste. No more throwing out tons of cleaning bottles. H2O at Home encourages reusing their bottles and purchasing dry, concentrated product packs to refill products when possible (All-Purpose Cleanser and Limescale Removal refills). There are multiple product sets to save you additional money while you start to replace your home with non-toxic and safe-to-use products. My favorite is the Complete Care Set if you’re ready to make a significant change to your home using safer products that save you more time and money.

On a budget? Try the Foundation Set and add the All-Purpose Cleanser to your order (for antiviral purposes). This will replace 90% of your cleaning products in your home while keeping you and your family safe from harm. You also get a free bonus product by H2O at Home for a $100+ order!

The Business

More than any other time in history, people are increasingly interested in effective + safe cleaning products. H2O at Home is still a small company that has great potential and room for major growth. With only about 1,500 advisors in the U.S. this is a great business opportunity for those who are looking to earn a significant income by building a team and sharing products they love. The products sell themselves due to the incredible results people receive instantly by using these products. This company is part of the Direct Selling Association which ensures safe and legal practices are performed by the business and marketing reps. It provides a generous commission structure (connect with me to receive more info on this) and weekly direct deposits making it quick and easy to start earning income immediately.


There is an alternative to the toxic fumes you are inhaling in your home. You can clean with your kids without fear of them spilling bleach on themselves or everything else. It actually saves you money and time using these organic and natural products (which also protects you from the coronavirus).

Let’s simplify our home and improve our life with healthy, safe cleaning products.

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