We live in one of the busiest cultures in the world. Fast paced, cram packed lives typically define our days. But what if we are missing out on what we truly want more of? What if we need to schedule less to gain 3 things we want the most?
It’s episode 35 on the Refine and Restore podcast, and today I’m unpacking how Scheduling Less for 3 Things You Want More of will radically change your life. What are those 3 things? You will need to tune in to find out!
In this episode, I chat about:


  • What 3 things you are missing out on that are crucial to living well.
  • Why scheduling less into our jam-packed schedule will open our lives to more of what we truly want.
  • How to stop the cycle of “well, everyone else is doing it!” which isn’t a healthy perspective to have.
  • When this realization hit me and how I’ve worked to lessen over-scheduling by saying “no” to a lot of good things.
  • What you can do, today, to lessen the stress, overwhelm, and busy in your life to gain what you are missing out on most.


You truly are missing out when you pack your schedule to the brim. There really are other ways you can cultivate these 3 things (which you want MORE of, trust me!) no matter what situation or type of life you are living right now.


Click here to listen to this episode!

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