**Quick blurb update about me:  You’ve probably noticed it’s been pretty quiet around the blog this past month.  I had to pull-back from the hustle of writing articles and blog posts online to focus on my bigger priority which is the development of my two manuscripts (books) that I’ve been working on.  Just know that I am “STILL HERE” and very much working towards better development and growth of this site to include more of “YOU” and things pertaining to the idea of refining and restoring ourselves to a better self.  Excited to reveal a new look for the site in a month or so with a few additional fun categories to encourage your heart and soul!  Xoxo!**

HELLO AGAIN!Social Media Fast

For those following me on Instagram or Facebook, I just had a social media fast for 3 days… which was WONDERFUL!

(Look at the pic ->>>> NO SOCIAL MEDIA APPS!  EEK! ->>>>)

I’ve done this a time or two before and it has always benefited me with a deep refreshment to my soul.

Which got me thinking about this whole social media thing again…

Social media (scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, etc) can be such a distraction from the things that are right in front of me begging for my attention:

  • My kids needing my full presence.
  • My husband desiring my full attention.
  • My house needing help–because often it looks like bomb just went off.
  • My necessary writing time.
  • My “quiet-time” with God (honestly, sometimes its not so quiet-of-a-time getting those few minutes of devotional and quick prayer time “in” as I’m eating breakfast with the kids).

Social media definitely has its positives, but I know I’m not the first one to admit that it has many negative effects as well.

It was so nice these past 3 days–not feeling the pull of the social media vortex spinning me into never-never land with my thoughts and actions.

(Fully present with my husband for our date night)

My twins plus one more.(Fully Present with my kids)

Prayer wall or War Room wall(Fully present in prayer)


I didn’t let life pass me by. 

I was more productive of my time these past 3 days towards completion of my book proposal, attending to the needs of the home, focusing more on my children, enjoying time with my husband with complete attention towards him.  I was more in tune with my friendships and reaching out via text or phone or seeing them in person!  And get this, I received such good soul-time with God in my little prayer room with just my bible, my journal, and no distracting thoughts from Instagram or Facebook dragging me away from this time.

It was freeing in so many ways.

I know some people don’t get sucked into social media as much.  They are able to limit their time and thought energy to other things.  It hasn’t become an obsession or distraction for them.

But if I’m being honest with myself, I have a hard time balancing this line between social media being a productive benefit to me and my time, or having it suck me into shut-down mode affecting my thoughts and actions in negative ways.

If you cannot fathom being off your phone or off social media for 3 days, perhaps you have an underlying issue as well?


Have you let social media become a ruler in your life or does it add value to you and your present circumstances? 


Speaking from the heart, I know scrolling through my feed often wages war on my soul regarding my insecurities with: body image, significance, comparison … and sometimes brings out other negative characteristics in me.

Too much of anything can turn into a bad thing. 

Take apples for example.  If you eat too many each day, the acidic qualities of the apple builds up in the belly causing damage to the lining of your stomach.  Apples also contain a ton of sugar.  It’s natural sugar within the apple, however eating too many can raise your glucose levels  to an unhealthy level due to this sugar.  Yet, if we eat just a few apples per day, it can aid in weight loss, provide necessary fiber in our diet, as well as give us the vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy.

It’s all about finding the right balance.

So check yourself today.

  • Do you constantly check your phone for updates on Facebook?
  • Do you constantly check if you’ve received another “like” for your post?
  • Does a good portion of your thinking during the day revolve around checking your social media account or the newsfeeds of others?

It might be time for a fast from your media life…

I love social media.  It can lift my soul at times.  However, the complete soul-lifter to my own heart and soul comes from seeking the One who fills the void in my heart like none other can in this world.


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