(Day 23) Stressed? Stop, and Read the Word for 5 Minutes

Deadlines are barreling at you. Kids are whining incessantly behind you. You’re overwhelmed, fried and frazzled. You can’t even focus right now even if your life depended on it.

So STOP! And read the Word for 5 minutes to bring you back to a clear state of mind.

Even if you feel like you don’t even have 5 minutes to do this, you do. Because these 5 minutes will save you from more stress-filled moments where you won’t be productive anyways because you haven’t reset your mind to a calmer state.

It’s even easier these days to have no excuse to be in God’s Word daily. We basically have another appendage these days, ahem… our cell phones.

You can download YouVersion Bible onto your phone and simply browse verses at will. Or you can download some of my favorite apps to get into the Word: First5, She Reads Truth, Whole Magazine or If:Gathering all have short devotionals or studies taking 5 minutes or less to complete. It’s enough though to saturate your mind with calming spiritual truths to hold onto. It’s what helps me in those moments when I feel like I’m paralyzed and can’t get myself to stay calm or stay focused.

So if this is you today? Stop. And crack open some spiritually nourishing truths to alleviate your stressed out soul. I guarantee you will find more relief than expected.


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