What if incorporating 3 daily, simple disciplines in 5 minutes or less could revive your heart and revitalize your life?

It’s Episode 28 in the Refine and Restore Podcast and in this short episode, I’m doing a mini-spiritual growth coaching session with you to help you get from a place of stagnancy, or distance from God to ecstatic for life and sense His presence, again! These three simple principles are tools I used to help me get unstuck in seasons of hardship, and are principles I still implement in my life, today.

In this episode I cover:

  • how these disciplines aren’t what you think (it’s not reading your Bible, even though that’s a super awesome principle too!)
  • why this works (and has worked for multiple others I’ve coached)
  • what resource I’ve created for you to help you do this easier (check out the Revive Your Heart Journal!)
  • one critical element many people fail to do when they pray to God
  • how to create contentment in your heart again

Reviving your heart to experience God more personally in your life isn’t rocket science. It’s about small, intentional actions that you can start right now.

Click here to listen to this episode!

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