Welcome back to the Refine and Restore Podcast with me–Rachel Swanson!!!

Today’s topic has been on my heart for a while. However, it finally felt relevant to share due to Mother’s Day being just around the corner.

Do you have a strong-willed daughter or two? I know how difficult this can be. But let me teach you a few things I’ve been learning as I raise a mighty warrior princess in my house which I hope will help soften your struggling spirit, and give you insight into what I’ve been learning raising my fiery spirited little one.

In this episode I cover:

  • my authentic thoughts and hurtful reactions about how I struggled with my strong-willed daughter
  • the #1 thing I knew I couldn’t do to her (and didn’t)
  • the ways God changed my perspective about her strong characteristics
  • How similar I am to her and why we need each other as mother and daughter more than I initially believed
  • My letter to my strong-willed daughter (it might make you cry!)

I pray this is a heart-felt episode that you share with your other mommy friends and even your daughter as you learn, as I did, what a beautiful addition their strong-willed gifts and talents are to this world.

Click here to listen to this episode!

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