Intimate Insights by Rachel Series: Part 2 of 4

(This is Part 2 of the Intimate Insights by Rachel series, a personal reflection of raw realness with a bit of faith sprinkled in.)

I have never felt busier than in this current season of my life.

Yet I am relishing every moment of it.

Those two statements added together may sound like an oxymoron to you. It sure reads that way to me too.  Sometimes being overwhelmingly busy and maintaining joy are indeed complete opposites.

It’s true that my added busyness has brought a few sacrifices to other areas of my life…

• I feel disconnected from a few of my friends.
• I am overwhelmed at times trying to balance the demands of home life, work, ministry, and family time.
• I am weary and my body aches constantly from the physical exertion of rearing my brood of three.
• I am behind on budgeting, filing, organizing, reading, blogging, editing, doing… you name it.

So how can these swirling chaotic storms of life keep me from signing papers to the insane asylum?

I am thriving because I am in the midst of where God wants me—I know my purpose; my identity remains in my God and not in anything else the world tries to throw at me.


Do you know your purpose? Are you living out your God given roles?

I’m beginning to live out a life God has called me to.  Not a perfect life.  No one is perfect except Christ (Romans 3:10).

Yet I’m beginning to live a life worth living that goes beyond my own desires and instead is one that’s aligned with God’s desires.

This verse above is sometimes taken out of context. This verse does not mean God will give you everything YOU desire. Sometimes we desire things that aren’t what’s best for us. Sometimes things are taken away from us because it’s taking away our attention from what we should be focusing on…

Ultimately, we are to love God and through this love relationship with God, He will create desires in our hearts to do His will.

I can attest to this. Out of love for Him it’s given me desires to do the things He has called on me to do.

Faith building things. Things that might sound crazy or impossible to some people. Yet I know deep down nothing is impossible with God.

There is a deep rooted faith in me that goes beyond the throngs of life—it keeps me grounded, stable, and sound in mind. I’ve lowered my own self-attaining expectations of controlling my own life and have been allowing God to make adjustments where needed, giving Him the drivers seat.

It’s exhilarating.  Adventurous.  Nerve-wracking.  Faith-building.  Teeth-clenching. AND OH. SO. WORTH IT.

Sometimes these adjustments are in the physical. Other times it’s character adjustments (my own that is). Many times it’s in ways I hadn’t planned on making (which is difficult for this natural planner here).

But every day is a new adventure with new treasures God is waiting for me to discover. God desires me to delight in Him by seeking out the little treasures He leaves for me each day. Or God enjoys watching my obedience to Him when I follow what I sense Him asking me to do (or not do).

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matt 6:31).

If you have a child, you might understand this concept. Isn’t it fun to see your 3 or 4 year old discover new things? Doesn’t it give you joy when they experience their first ride by themselves on their scooter that they’ve been trying so hard to please you with? Does it make you smile when your son or daughter finds you’ve made their favorite dinner—mashed potatoes with gravy? Does it fill your heart when they act obediently to you by listening to your instructions about treating people nicely and with respect? It’s kind of similar to the way God looks at us—his children—when we act obediently in His name or when we enjoy a gift He’s given us, whatever form that gift may be.

God is very real and actively present in my life which I am relishing amidst the utter craziness my newly purposed schedule has brought me. There is more bone deep joy than I thought possible, because of God’s refreshing, rejuvenating spirit flowing in and through me.


Lets live a life worth living, one that goes beyond our own desires but is aligned with God’s desires.


**This is Part 2 (of 4) of Intimate Insights with Rachel series, a personal reflection of raw realness with a bit of faith sprinkled in. If you missed the last one, click here for part 1 of Intimate Insights with Rachel!**


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