What would it be like preparing to go overseas for the next 20 years serving in the rural and dangerous parts of an island, learning a whole new language and eventually sharing with them the gospel message? Could you do this if God called you to this life?
Today, I chatted with my good real-life friends and missionaries we support, Michael and Morgan Leblanc, about what it’s been like preparing to go overseas and the stigmas people often think when they hear missionary. They are authentic and share their honest struggles, while also expressing their deepest hopes and passion as they enter this call into the wilderness with Jesus.
In this episode, we chat about:
  • How God birthed this desire to serve overseas.
  • Why saying, “I could never do that” is false thinking and how they’ve wrestled with this decision as well.
  • Their biggest fears (a certain crawly creature might be one of them).
  • What they foresee raising their children overseas as missionaries will be like.
  • What is Ethnos 360 (Tribal Missions) and what is their overall plan + timeline.
  • Why many people hold back from serving as missionaries, and why you should start small if there’s any interest in serving in this way.


If you’d like to support Michael and Morgan, please visit their website and consider supporting them! Or follow along with their newsletters so you can hear more about their exciting adventures moving forward!
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